Thursday, August 29, 2013


I suppose it's time. You know, for one of THOSE blogs. MR & MRS SO & SO. I promise I'll try my best not to be one of those "Utah Mormon", "Queen of crafts", "Master of culinary artistry", "My life's so perfect", "Look how often I travel" type of BLOGS. On the other hand, if this ends up coming across that way, I'm not sorry. Maybe my life really IS perfect & like the such as. 

Now that I have that off my chest, lets get down to business. I've been slacking for almost a year. Yes, that's right. We were married on a sunny Sept 13, 2012 and it is now Aug 29, 2013. 

This is us. 

We are child free & making up excuses... "we still want to travel.....yea" Um. Wait, where is our next trip?? Don't give me wrong, I love kids and get that rush of baby hunger whenever I see one. But let's get real. That human being is mine? Like forever? What happens when it has a poopy diaper? Or won't stop crying? I'm THAT mom they hand the kid back to? "Here. It pooped. You can have it back." "WOAH Woah woah, you said you wanted to hold it, this is your problem right now not mine, Nope. Sorry"  And in the CPS handbook, that's called BAD PARENTING. And deep down I don't want to be a bad parent. So that is MY excuse for still being childless. One day, I'll be able to battle the horrors of parenting. Until then, I'll be holding YOUR children until either scenario as mentioned above occurs :)

What else, I work full-time as an Ultrasound tech. Joey just started his second to last semester as a student while working full-time as well. He's a busy dude. I'm proud of him.

So there you have it! Introducing Mr & Mrs. WOOD